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Digital Literacy Training for Library Staff

Digital Literacy Video Series

Over the course of 2020 and 2021, MCLS, in partnership with the Library of Michigan as part of the Libraries Engage Project, offered several virtual trainings around digital literacy learning initiatives for library staff. The workshops were presented by Pam Seabolt, who is part of the Engagement, Consulting, and Training team at MCLS. The trainings included the “Foundations of Digital Literacy,” which highlighted foundational technology and digital literacy skills and knowledge, and “Unlocking the Secrets of a Digital Literacy Learning Plan for Library Staff,” which highlighted a planning process and key elements for creating a staff learning plan around technology and digital literacy. The sessions were open to all staff members of Michigan libraries.

Along with the trainings, Pam worked with Good Fruit Video to create two series of short resource videos. The first series of videos highlights foundational technology and digital literacy skills, tools, and knowledge. The second series of videos highlights a planning process and key elements to creating a learning plan for library staff around technology and digital literacy initiatives in libraries. Please feel free to access the videos as often as you like, and contact MCLS at if you are interested in learning more about technology and digital literacy initiatives for your library.

Foundations of Digital Literacy #1: Basic Keyboard Shortcuts

Helpful knowledge and skills to improve ease and efficiency in navigating your computer.

Foundations of Digital Literacy #2: Google Search Tips

Helpful knowledge to improve your internet searching skills to return better and more precise results.

Foundations of Digital Literacy #3: Searching the Internet for Technology Troubleshooting Help

Tips for searching online to provide assistance and answer device and technology questions.

Foundations of Digital Literacy #4: Common Responsive Web Design Trends

Understanding responsive web design features will help navigate the web.

Digital Literacy Learning Plan #1: Before the Plan

Information about what a digital literacy learning plan is and some pre-planning steps that will help create focus to increase impact.

Digital Literacy Learning Plan #2: The Planning Process

Walking through a process to create a digital literacy learning plan for library staff.

Digital Literacy Learning Plan #3: Technology Competencies & Activities

Creating technology competencies and activities that can help achieve the vision for your library's technology and digital literacy learning culture.

Digital Literacy Learning Plan #4: Measuring Success

Tools for measuring the success of the digital literacy learning plan and celebrating when goals and achievements are reached.