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Video Case Studies

Here you will find videography stories of Michigan libraries who have Turned Outward and engaged their community in more meaningful ways. By connecting more deeply they are able to respond to community needs, not just library needs. These libraries are changing their role in the community, and transforming how the library is seen and interacted with by community members.

The Michigan Library Community

We had a conversation with libraries statewide and asked them “What do you need?”. And a lot of them were looking for ways to be more significant in their communities. And we started looking at “What’s that look like” and “How can we assist them in getting to that place?”.

Benzonia Public Library

We’re great at talking about problems. To do something about it takes another level of commitment. And that’s where you’ve got to be able to say “What are we going to do next?”. That’s what I think set this apart. This community conversation just developed into “What kind of struggles do we have in the schools and with our kids, and how can the library and our community in general support these issues?”

Caro Area District Library

I was hoping to get an idea of what the community wanted from us. Instead I got an idea of what the community wanted for the community. And then, in that, I could look and figure out how we can help provide that.

Clarkston Independence District Library

A libraries’ responsibility is to gather and disseminate information. Harwood is about gathering and disseminating information. We hear this all the time “Why do we need libraries we have Google?”. If libraries are really going to be here decades from now that’s the question we need to ask. And we really need to listen and make sure that what we’re doing is actually delivering something that is going to be relevant into the future.